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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 – Jonah 2  – A Prayer from the Belly of the Whale


Yesterday we reflected on this short but crucial portion of Jonah’s story; why does he offer a prayer of thanksgiving when he finds himself devoured by a whale?  Read the December 20 Noontime and then join Jonah in his prayer . . .

Out of our distress we cry to you . . . the waters swirl about us, threatening our lives . . . the abyss envelops us . . . the soul faints within and we remember the Lord. 

As we near the coming holiday we have much to accomplish.  Some of our chores we do gladly; others weigh heavily on us.  Good and wise God, help us to sort out the trivial from the real as we struggle to balance work and play.

As we approach the festival of joy we continue to be haunted by old angers and anxieties; we might relish this turmoil or we may want to cast it off.  Good and patient God, lead us to the understanding that what looks like death is life, what seems to be the end is a new beginning. 

Carlo Antonio Tavella: Jonah and the Whale

As we move toward the celebration of hope we have sorrows and fears; we may be managing to stay afloat in this sea of turmoil or we may be sinking into its cold depths.  Good and compassionate God, remind us that living for a time in the belly of the whale means that in the end . . . we have the opportunity to draw ever closer to you. 

Our prayer reaches God . . . we give God resounding praise . . . we are delivered by the hands of the Lord. 


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