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Jeremiah 7:23-28: Easter People

Second Sunday of Easter, April 3, 2016

Maestro Juan Flores runs the healing center at the Mayantuyacu Boiling River

Maestro Juan Flores runs the healing center at the Mayantuyacu Boiling River

We are created for love, structured in hope, and formed in renewal. We are Easter People.

The prophet Jeremiah reminds the faithful that God does not delight in burnt offerings but looks for softened hearts and open minds. Through Jeremiah, God asks for our obedience in listening to God’s word. Through Jeremiah, God speaks of putting away our mule-stubbornness and renewing the truth of God’s word. In this Eastertide, we have the opportunity to take a new look at how we have loved all of God’s creation, including the world around us. And we have the opportunity to examine whether or not we listen to or take in the word of God. We have the opportunity again to be who we are . . . Easter people.

Piers Sellers aboard the International Space Station

Piers Sellers aboard the Space Station

See Fareed Zakaria’s CNN GPS 360 interview with Piers Sellers, scientist and astronaut who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and who pledges to spend the rest of his days renewing the earth. http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2016/03/18/exp-gps-sellers-sot.cnn

Is there a boiling river in the Amazon jungle in an area that has no volcanic activity? Watch or listen to this Ted Talk given by Andrés Ruzo to discover how God calls us to consider the power of creation.  https://www.ted.com/talks/andres_ruzo_how_i_found_a_mythical_boiling_river_in_the_amazon?language=en  


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