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Jeremiah 39: God is my Greatness

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Seal of Gedaliah

Seal of Gedaliah

From the www.biblehub.com dictionary: “Gedaliah – (God is my greatness), son of Ahikam. Jeremiah’s protector, (Jeremiah 26:24) and grandson of Shaphan the secretary of King Josiah. After the destruction of the temple, B.C. 588, Nebuchadnezzar departed from Judea, leaving Gedaliah with a Chaldean guard, (Jeremiah 40:5) at Mizpah to govern the vinedressers and husbandmen, (Jeremiah 52:16) who were exempted from captivity. Jeremiah jointed Gedaliah; and Mizpah became the resort of Jews from various quarters. (Jeremiah 40:6,11) He was murdered by Ishmael two months after his appointment”.

In today’s Noontime reading we meet Gedaliah, a governor of Judah who tries to protect the prophet Jeremiah, later meets a violent death; yet his name reminds us that God is my greatness. Might we also say the same when we meet evil? Might we have the fidelity, hope and love to rely on God no matter our circumstances?

As we look at the world around us we may believe that our systems and structures are coming apart; and we may be tempted to seek shelter under the narrow arms of a demagogue. This would only demonstrate that we have forgotten that God is our greatness. When we observe unusual weather patterns and devastating natural events, we might think that we have driven nature beyond its own limits; and we might want to blind ourselves to the realities that confront us. This would only confirm that we have forgotten that God is our greatness. In those times when family or friends betray us – or when we find that we are the betrayers – we may believe that we are alone. This would only reject the knowledge that God is our greatness. Today we are given the opportunity to reflect on all that plagues and blesses us. And we are given the opportunity to remember that beyond any doubt, beyond any fear, beyond any anxiety we do well to remember that indeed, God is our greatness.

Today we remember as we reflect . . . we are Easter People.

 To learn more about Gedaliah, click on the image above, or visit: http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/tzom-gedaliah/ 

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