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1 & 2 Chronicles: Our Sacred History – Part IV

Monday, May 23, 2016

Return from exile . . . 

George Tooker: The Embrace II

George Tooker: The Embrace II

It is never too late to return to God. Never too late to give or ask forgiveness. There is always time to listen, to share, to commune, to re-visit, to believe, to hope, to love. A people in exile return to the source and summit of faith. A people hoping in darkness see a great light. A people created in love to bear witness to the strength of the threads of their lives that weave together in the great sacred history of humanity.

Today we take time to open our minds to the possibility of miracles. We open our hearts to the great love God has in store for us. We discover, in this weaving, believing and hoping just how and why we have been created . . . in and for God’s great love.

The two books of Chronicles have four major portions: a genealogy of our leaders beginning with Abraham (1 Chronicles 1-9), a description of the monarchy under David and Solomon (1 Chronicles 9 – 2 Chronicles 9), the divided kingdom (2 Chronicles 10-18), and the period from Hezekiah to the Babylonian exile (2 Chronicles 19-36). This story of divine promise interwoven with human commitment and infidelity tell a story that we might see reflected in our own personal sacred history. This story is worthy of our time.

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