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Sirach 36 and 37: Relationships

Tuesday, August 16, 2016relationships-shaidysworld

Most of all, pray to God to set your feet in the path of truth.

We live in a world crowded with relationships – social relationships – professional relationships – family relationships.  Some of these are intimate, others superficial.  Today’s reading contains this verse about relying on God for advice just before the epilog on Wisdom and Temperance.  It contains much more . . .

A man may be wise and benefit many, yet be of no use to himself.

How many people do we know will fill this description?  Will people describe us in this way?

Is it not a sorrow unto death when your bosom companion becomes your enemy?

How many times have we been betrayed?  How many times have we betrayed the trust placed in us?

Be on the alert when one proffers advice, find out at first of all what he wants.  For he may be thinking of himself alone.

How much do we value the words of a friend?  Do our words have value for others?

Come to our aid, O God of the universe, and put all nations in dread of you!  . . . Give new signs and work new wonders . . . Show mercy to the people called by your name . . . Reward those who have hoped in you, and let your prophets be proved true.  Hear the prayer of your servants, for you are ever gracious to your people; thus it will be known to the very ends of the earth that you are the eternal God.

And the people say . . . Amen! 

A favorite from May 27, 2008.





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