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Sirach 51: 13-30: Pursuit of Wisdom – Part III

Saturday, September 3, 2016path-of-wisdom

Come aside to me, you untutored,
    and take up lodging in the house of instruction;

How long will you deprive yourself of wisdom’s food,
    how long endure such bitter thirst?

We remember the verses from Proverbs 9: Wisdom has set up her house and prepared her banquet.

I open my mouth and speak of her:
    gain wisdom for yourselves at no cost.

Take her yoke upon your neck;
    that your mind may receive her teaching.

Wisdom has sent her handmaidens to invite all who long for her consolation. (Proverbs 9)

For she is close to those who seek her,
    and the one who is in earnest finds her.

See for yourselves! I have labored only a little,
    but have found much.

Acquire but a little instruction,
    and you will win silver and gold through her.

Wisdom asks that we abandon our foolishness; she invites us to choose her path. (Proverbs 9)

May your soul rejoice in God’s mercy;
    do not be ashamed to give him praise.
Work at your tasks in due season,
    and in his own time God will give you your reward.

Wisdom knows that patience and openness to God bring us insight, understanding, strength and peace. Let us be faithful to the gift of God’s wisdom. Let us share in the hope of God’s Wisdom. And let us rest in the love and joy of Wisdom’s care.

Tomorrow, a prayer for Lady Wisdom.

When we use the scripture link and drop-down menus to explore Proverbs 9, we hear Wisdom’s invitation to join her. For a reflection on Wisdom’s Path, click on the image above or visit: https://heartofashepherd.com/2014/12/01/proverbs-132-33-a-mans-destination-is-determined-by-the-path-he-chooses/ 

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