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Sirach 25:9: Scrutiny – Part I

Thursday, September 8, 2016scrutiny eye

We have spent a great deal of time with this portion of Sirach which deals with the value of constancy in relationships.  Today we might focus on one verse: Happy is the one who finds a friend . . .

Too often we do not open ourselves to spiritual intimacy with one another; this assures momentary safety but ultimate loss.  Being open to one another brings us more fully to the Holy Spirit and today’s MAGNIFICAT Meditation is about how this opening of self can be a two-edged sword: Let the word of God penetrate you as the division of soul and spirit, joints and marrow, to assay the thoughts and purposes of your heart.  Then all secrets will lie open before you in a way you could never have dreamed.  There is your inmost center the Spirit will scrutinize all, even the depths of God’s nature! 

We are created to return home to God.  We are created in a variety of looks, dreams, resources and gifts.  When we open ourselves to God’s scrutiny we find our true depth, our true weaknesses and our true strengths.  We fear knowing the worst and long to hear the best about ourselves and yet, in an odd way, when we hear the worst about ourselves we are able to rise to the best in ourselves.  And this is what a true friendship can do – give us a safe harbor to reveal our inner self for loving scrutiny.  This scrutiny brings us wisdom. This wisdom brings us peace. This peace is seen by many as we carry the voice of God into the world.  This scrutiny is worth the price wrought by the two-edged sword which pierces to the joints and marrow, assaying the thoughts and purposes of our hearts. 

Cameron, Peter John. “Meditation of the Day.” MAGNIFICAT. 22.9 (2009). Print.

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