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Psalm 76: Defense

Psalm 76Defense

Monday, September 19, 2016psalm-76-4

A Favorite from September 3, 2009.

The faithful need not fight, they only need to witness, watch and wait, and to refuse to allow themselves to be separated from their God.

We see this truth with the patriarchs and the exodus.  We hear it in the prophets and read it in the books of wisdom.  We are called to it as the New Testament apostles of our age.

There is nothing else we need know.  There is nothing else we need do.  There is no other business at hand but this . . . to walk in humility with God.

God is awesome and terrible – in God’s love for us there are no restraints.

God roars – in God’s hope for us there are no limits.

God is renown – in God’s constancy with us there is no equal.

And so we pray . . .

May we make and keep our vows to the Lord our God.  May we present all gifts to him who deserves our love.  May we go to him in humility with our woe.  May we celebrate with in him in all our joy.  May we come to know God as the only defense we need.  Amen. 

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