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Isaiah 12: Thanksgiving – Part II

Tuesday, September 27, 2016give-thanks

God is my strength and my song.

God says: I watch over you while you sleep as a loving mother or father. I prepare each day for you so that you might live in me. Sing out your praise and abide in the comfort of my hands.

Ask God anything! Shout to the nations, tell them what God has done, spread the news of God’s great reputation!

God says: I plan the mornings, afternoons and evenings you journey through. I prepare saving pathways and abiding companions to accompany on your journey. Rejoice in my endless hope for you.

Let the whole earth know what he’s done! Raise the roof! Sing your hearts out, O Zion! The Greatest lives among you: The Holy of Israel.”

God says: When you share your joy with others, it multiplies the goodness I have showered on you. When you share your thanksgiving with others, it comes back to you ten-thousand fold. Rest in my deep and abiding love for you.

God speaks to us through the prophet Isaiah to bring us the good news that we are deeply and passionately loved. Let us rejoice today. Let us give thanks today.

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