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Esther 10 and F: Thanksgiving – Part III

Mordecai’s Dream Fulfilled

Aert de Gelder: Esther Talking to Mordecai

Aert de Gelder: Esther Talking to Mordecai

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 

A Favorite from October 6, 2007. To read the epilogue (Esther F) consult the New American Bible (NABRE) using the scripture link above. 

We have examined the following motifs: understanding that the innocent suffer, knowing that much is expected of those who have much, accepting that silence is assent, learning to trust our covenant with God, cautioning against weaving webs of deceit (for ultimately the victim of this web is always the weaver), allowing nothing to step between us and God, repenting and being doers of the Word.  This story is replete with solid ideas that are necessary if we are to approach and then pass through our Narrow Gate.  It always brings me joy to read these verses because the over-arching idea of this story is the following:  God will rescue his people, those who attempt to walk in The Way.  This rescue may not be as visible or as obvious as we would like, but it is always and constantly available to us . . . because God is incapable of any lesser action.  God will always console, God will always abide, God will always preserve, heal and protect.  God will always restore.  God will always be union and joy.

When we explore Esther’s story, we discover God’s gift of goodness; we encounter God’s desire to rejoice in us; and we find every reason to proclaim our thanksgiving. 

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