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Psalm 105God’s Faithfulness

Sunday, October 30, 2016

David Teis: Moses and Aaron

David Teis: Moses, Aaron and Hur

A Favorite from October 6, 2009. 

And the Lord made his people very fruitful, and made them stronger than their foes . . .

In today’s Noontime we are reminded about the exodus story and about how God called a people from slavery.  This a psalm of thanksgiving for a god who, rather than treat his people like toys to play with, rather than demand service and human sacrifice of his people, chooses to protect, call and love them.  Where the following psalm deals with the topic of sin, this one is a hymn of praise for a God who abides by our covenant pact . . . even though we do not.

We also see a theme from the Genesis story of Joseph who says to his brothers: God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.  (Genesis 45:7)  As in the Joseph story, when ugly things happen we have no way of understanding how God will use the harm directed at us to be converted to good.  So many times – if we can just hold on – we will see the fruitfulness of our suffering when God works wonders with our enemies and with us.

They performed his signs among them, and miracles . . . Moses and Aaron are designated by God as miracle workers among the Hebrews in order that his greatness be known.  We too, are called to work miracles in God’s name so that the world may know God’s awesome power and love.

So he brought his people out with joy, his chosen ones with singing . . .

Jesus lives among us to bring us the good news that there is universal salvation for those who choose to follow him.

Jesus works among us to preserve and to protect those who follow him.

Jesus waits patiently for each of us to knock at the great door of his heart to ask for his help so that he, like the Father, may show us his love and his awesome faithfulness.

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