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Matthew 9:1-8: Healing Lameness

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Yongsung Kim: Jesus Healing the Crippled

Yongsung Kim: Jesus Healing the Crippled

John the Baptist was imprisoned and when he got wind of what Jesus was doing, he sent his own disciples to ask, “Are you the One we’ve been expecting, or are we still waiting?” (MSG) This week we are given an opportunity to give our own testimony.

Some men carried a paraplegic on a stretcher and set him down in front of them. Jesus, impressed by their bold belief, said to the paraplegic, “Cheer up, son. I forgive your sins.” Some religion scholars whispered, “Why, that’s blasphemy!”

This story brings us several important lessons. First, no matter the obstacle, there is always a way to Christ. Second, God’s compassion knows no boundaries. Third, we can hide nothing from the Spirit who knows our inmost thoughts.

Jesus knew what they were thinking, and said, “Why this gossipy whispering? Which do you think is simpler: to say, ‘I forgive your sins,’ or, ‘Get up and walk’? Well, just so it’s clear that I’m the Son of Man and authorized to do either, or both . . .” At this he turned to the paraplegic and said, “Get up. Take your bed and go home.” And the man did it. 

This story brings us an opportunity to grow with our failures. It brings us the gift of healing grace. And it brings us a reason to believe when so many doubt. Like the man in these verses, we must ask for God’s grace; we must practice mercy; and we must act in our belief.

The crowd was awestruck, amazed and pleased that God had authorized Jesus to work among them this way.

Have we become so jaded that we no longer allow ourselves to be awestruck, amazed or even pleased? Do we rejoice when God shows mercy to others? Do we have the courage to take up our familiar bed and move out in to the unknown world?

When we explore other translations of these verses from THE MESSAGE, we can explore the possibilities of healing lameness in ourselves and others.


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