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Mark 4:21-25Seed Grows of Itself

Saturday, January 28, 2017lwsm__r4d8578_3814

Adapted from a Favorite written on January 9, 2008.

This is something we need to hear a great deal, and if we were to read this more often we would find ourselves worrying less.

There is much imagery in scripture referring to seed, sowing, reaping, harvesting.  And this makes perfect sense since agriculture was such an integral part of life during Old and New Testament times.  Usually we think of these images as we imagine God’s word or work being planted . . . to be harvested later.  Today however, we might think of Job, and others like him, who plant by giving something up, who sow . . . and later reap . . . because they relinquish self, they witness patiently and persistently, they speak to God from the heart, and they become willing sowers and reapers.

And so we pray.

english-garden-blue-flowersDear God,

Help us to see that all we need do when we are weary is to give over to you our aches and pains . . . you will know how to make a flowerbed from our struggles.

Help us to understand that all we need do when we are anxious is to hand over to you our worries and anxieties . . . you will know which seed grows best in the dark.

Help us believe that all we  need do when we feel too alone is call for you and tell you of our sorrow . . . you will know when to bring the warmth of the sun.

Help us to hope that all we need do when we are at our most fragile is look for you in the arid desert . . . you will know when to send the rain. 

vegetablesHelp us to know the cycle of harvest . . . for you already know when we are ready to go into the field.


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