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Acts 2:42-47Community I – Bearing Fruit

Friday, June 9, 2017

Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer: Pentecost

In these days between Pentecost and Trinity Sundays we reflect on the gift of community as oasis. 

This description of the early church when the followers of Christ were still part of the Jewish community and all its tradition is one we might apply to portions of our own lives.  These are little oasis moments we experience on the harsh journey through life.  We need to stop awhile in these times to give thanks in recognition of both the gifts we have received . . . and the gifts we are to the world.

If we spend time meditating on these verses, we might experience a vision of how our own life might be if lived to the fullest.  We ask: What are the gifts we bring to our community?  Do we find our reward for bearing fruit in God’s name and for being gift in return?

As we read these verses, we explore our community of family, friends, neighbors and colleagues and we consider . . . who and what form our community? Whom and what do we include? Whom and what do we exclude?

And every day the Lord added to our number those who were being saved.  Amen.

Tomorrow, words and gestures. 

Adapted from a reflection written on April 9, 2009.



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