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2 Corinthians: Human Infirmities

Thursday, July 13, 2017

We share these reflections from Holy Week of 2007 while I am away from electronics. Keeping all of you in prayer each day at noon.

Once we trust God, and once we make a faithful and honest Examination of Self, we enter into intimacy with God. This special relationship brings with it a new understanding of how and why we are grateful after a time of affliction. This new relationship that comes to us after great tribulation, and after a new understanding of our human frailty, is God’s celebration of new life and a new creation in us.

Paul’s description of the valleys and mountains in his relationship with the people of Corinth is a mirror of his – and our – relationship with God. We can rely on Jesus to shepherd us, and the Spirit to heal us.

When we use the scripture link and commentary to explore this letter, we realize that none of us is perfect; and we discover that with each crisis and the ensuing aftermath, we arrive at a newness we had not thought possible. We also discover anew that with God, all that appears to be impossible is, in reality, possible.


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