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Isaiah: Restoration

Isaiah: Restoration

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Keeping each of you in prayer while I am away from electronics. Holding you in prayer at noon each day.

We rise, put on our strength and let the bonds fall away from our necks.

We are an Easter People. We examine ourselves. We investigate the brokenness and sorrow. We lean on one another. We accept the fact that we must trust God alone. We find the comfort of Christ in others who share our grief. We are the compassion of Christ for one another as we respond to the grief in those around us. We wait through the darkness in active and hopeful patience . . . and then, just as promised, we are restored. The promise we know we were destined to live is fulfilled.

When we use the scripture link and commentary to explore this prophecy, we find hope in the darkness, the promise of restoration, and the fulfillment we seek. 

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