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Proverbs 18: Fool or Friend 

William Merritt Chase: The Court Jester

Monday, August 14, 2017

As we resume our journey through the Book of Proverbs, we continue to find strength in the practical advice that sits just under our noses.

Loners who care only for themselves
    spit on the common good.

We know that together we find strength while alone we languish.

When wickedness arrives, shame’s not far behind;
    contempt for life is contemptible.

Truth always makes herself visible, no matter the circumstances.

The words of a fool start fights;
    do him a favor and gag him.

There is no point in mincing words. Fools reveal themselves.

Pride first, then the crash,
    but humility is precursor to honor.

We know that humility is the hallmark of one who lives the Gospel.

Wise men and women are always learning,
    always listening for fresh insights.

Knowledge brings understanding, and understanding can lead to love for our enemies.

Do a favor and win a friend forever;
    nothing can untie that bond.

Friends can bolster us when we are down; they encourage us when our strength ebbs.

Friends come and friends go,
    but a true friend sticks by you like family.

When we compare these verses from THE MESSAGE translation with other versions, we have the tools we need to discern whether those who surround us are fools or friends.


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