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Ezra-Nehemiah: Prayer

Ezra-Nehemiah: Prayer

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Everyone knew that the work had been done with God’s help. (Nehemiah 6:15-16)

The enemies of Ezra and Nehemiah are made to look foolish by the good deeds of these two men, and by the fidelity of their God.  When we spend time with this story we find the affirmation of the knowledge that all faithful hold . . . that in God’s plan and in God’s world, the faithful need not fight – they only need to stand and avoid anyone and anything that comes between them and God.  Ezra and Nehemiah act, as priest and the administrator, as Law and City, as idea and deed.

In Nehemiah 5 we hear of the anti-social behavior of some in the community and Nehemiah’s lack of self interest.  In Chapter 6 we hear about the plots against him, and how the work concludes successfully despite the traps laid for him.  In today’s verses, we see that the plots of the wicked are as chaff which is easily blown away from the grains of wheat.  God cares for the faithful. God brings all fruit to maturity. God abides and does not disappoint. When we are honest with ourselves, we know that God has not changed in two thousand plus years. We know that we can rely on God’s protection and guidance, just as Ezra and Nehemiah do. And we know that we too, must remain in constant connection with God through prayer and reflection.

Today as we surmount obstacles and solve problems, we rest in God’s immense heart. We consider the power of our prayer and constancy.

Adapted from a reflection written on September 16, 2007. 

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