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Job and his Friends

Job 42:12-17Full of Years

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Written on October 19, 2010. 

We can never hear enough the good news that we are restored.  This is what Jesus comes to tell us, this is the work of Christ who comes to revive, resuscitate, revalidate . . . and restore.  And we notice in today’s Noontime that the rewards received by Job after he struggles through the darkness are twice what he had before his trials began.

Today’s Gospel (Luke 12:35-38) is about girding our loins, lighting our lamps, and being like ready servants who await the return of the master.  When studying the Book of Revelation in our parish study group, we discovered that while the second coming is an event that most of us see in the distant future, it is truly something that is taking place nowAnd we must prepare for it.

Luke tells us: Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival. 

We see that: The master is already among us and we must act and speak as if we believe he is present.

Luke tells us: [The master] will gird himself, have [the servants] recline at table, and proceed to wait on them.

We see that: The master has arrived and we must put aside our own agendas to allow him to wait on us as he sees best.

Luke tells us: And should he come in the second or third watch and find them prepared in this way, blessed are those servants. 

We see that: The master is already waiting upon us, even though we may feel that he is past arriving.  And what the master brings is restoration and an ample reward for those who stay and watch with him.

Job’s story is famous because through no fault of his own he loses all that he has; and this is a story that many of us live.

Our story is equally famous because as the faithful who tend our lamps, who prepare for the master, and who wait through the suffering and pain . . . we too, will be rewarded double-fold.  And no matter the amount of days we accumulate here on earth, we too, will live a life full of years.


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