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Job 40:1-5: Arguing with the Almighty – Part I

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Leonid Afremov: Whirlwind of Feelings

I love to read the answer that God gives Job after all of those chapters of haranguing that go on between Job, his wife, and his friends.  Finally, Yahweh speaks out of the whirlwind to ask questions with a touch of sarcasm saying: Who are you to question me?  Where were you when the earth was formed, the stars set in the sky and the animals and vegetation created?  Job replies that he will now be silent to listen . . . and as God continues, we wonder if he means to sound so much like an unfeeling tyrant?  Does God not, we might ask, understand that Job has stood unjustly accused?  Does Yahweh not remember that Job has been a good and faithful servant?  Does God not understand the suffering and pain that Job has endured?  If we read through to end of the book, we will have an answer to these questions.

Leonid Afremov: Feelings of Work

Today’s reading echoes a feeling we may have from time to time: that God just does not “get it”.  There are moments when we feel as though God does not understand what it is like to be human, and it seems that the lines between guilt and innocence are blurred. If the innocent suffer along with the guilty, what is the point in being righteous and behaving well?  Of course, we will understand, if we read on and if we reflect that guilt and innocence are not what God is concerned about here.  Yahweh questions Job to ask him if he is prepared to be the deity who oversees a vast and complex realm.  Of course, Job is not. Realizing that no human could order the universe and bring completion to such a chaotic world, Job listens to the message God gives him. Yahweh and Job end their dialog by returning to what is important; they each remain in their proper roles: loving, protecting creator and loyal, obedient creature.  In this final dialog, we see that both Yahweh and Job know and express who they are and what their nature is.

Tomorrow, when God seems to be distant . . .

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Adapted from a Favorite written on January 27, 2008.


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