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Job 22: Beyond Human Limits – Part III

Friday, February 9, 2018

Léon Bonnat: Job

Job understands the freedom God gives him to choose divinity, and it is the reason and foundation on which he stands.  Job knows in his bones that he is good and that he suffers innocently, mysteriously.  He knows nothing of the conversation that passed between Satan and God and still he persists in this endless and limitless hope.  He expands his own horizons and rises above them.  And it is in this expansion of his human self that he meets God.  It is through his defense of his innocence against the false sympathy of colleagues that he rises to this divinity planted in him by God.  He goes out of and beyond his former limits.

Fr. Alfred Delp, who died in a Nazi death camp,  concludes . . . Human freedom is born in the moment of our contact with God.  It is really unimportant whether God forces us out of our limits by the sheer distress of suffering, coaxes us with visions of beauty and truth, or pricks us into action by the endless hunger and thirst for righteousness that possess our soul.  What really matters is that we are called and we must be sufficiently awake to hear the call. 

On this last Sunday before we enter into the season of Lent, we will want to spend time with Job to see how he stretches himself beyond his humanity to meet his divinity.

When we use the scripture link and the drop-down menus to explore the story of Job, we find wisdom, strength, courage, and the freedom to choose the gift of humanity offered to us by God. 

Adapted from a reflection written on February 21, 2010.

Cameron, Peter John. “Meditation of the Day.” MAGNIFICAT. 21.2 (2010). Print.  

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