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Jeremiah 31:31-34: Certainty

Fifth Sunday of Lent, March 18, 2018

This week as we near Palm Sunday, we spend time with each morning’s first reading for daily liturgy. Today we explore our hearts as we look at our commitment to our covenant with God.

We ask . . . Do I feel present to others in God’s love? How do I act on the promises I have made to God? How does God interact with me? How do I interact with others – both those who follow Christ and those who do not? Am I aware of The Law written within? And if not, what do I do to open myself to the Spirit?

Visit The Certainty of God’s Covenant reflection on this blog at: https://thenoontimes.com/2018/01/18/jeremiah-3135-37-the-certainty-of-gods-covenant/

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