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Psalm 130: Fullness of Redemption

Monday, July 30, 2018

Psalm 130 also carries the name A Prayer for Help, a song we might want to sing today. National, international, and local events stir us to look to the LORD for help when we believe that no aide arrives in dark days.

From the depths of my despair, I call to you, Lord.
Hear my cry, O Lord;
    listen to my call for help!

In matters large and small, we must go to God first when we find ourselves up against walls that are too high, too thick, too solid to conquer. There is no power on heaven or earth that overcomes the deceit, fraud and malevolence the world experiences.

If you kept a record of our sins,
    who could escape being condemned?
But you forgive us,
    so that we should stand in awe of you.

As we look to condemn our enemies, we must do as our brother Jesus who asks. We must pray for those who harm us as quickly as we pray for those we love. There is no other light that pierces the darkness overtaking us.

I wait eagerly for the Lord‘s help,
    and in his word I trust.
I wait for the Lord
    more eagerly than sentries wait for the dawn—
    than sentries wait for the dawn.

When love betrays us, when corruption stalks us, when comfort vanishes and life proves too difficult, we seek comfort, wisdom, and healing from the Spirit. There is no other source of goodness that will overcome the evil we experience.

Israel, trust in the Lord,
    because his love is constant
    and he is always willing to save.
He will save his people Israel
    from all their sins.

When there is no exit, when there is no hope, when there is no compassion . . . we find faith in Christ, hope in the LORD, and mercy in the Spirit.

God says: I know the emptiness you feel when you read the events that surround you. And I know the safety you experience when you recognize my presence in a world that confuses you. Rely on your relationship with me. Spend time with me. Abide in me. I know that too often all seems lost but when you bring me your worries and anxieties, you bring them to the one person who sees, hears and knows all.

When we spend time with these verses, we find the energy to make the small changes open to each day. We find the solace and peace to lie down in peace each night. We find the compassion to act in justice each moment of our lives. We find mercy that rewards us with fullness in redemption.

When we compare the GOOD NEWS TRANSLATION of this psalm with other translations, we discover a newness that will carry us forward in confident expectation of God’s providence.

Image from: http://2uomaha.org/2014/from-the-minister/redemption

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