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Ezekiel 45The Sacred

Thursday, January 10, 2019


I am wondering how our days and nights might change if we were to set aside a portion of land as a sacred tract When we read about the size of this apportionment we realize that it is not meant to be small; rather, the territory is to have significant dimensions.  The prince is to have a portion alongside as are the people – the whole house of Israel.  We can imagine that in this vision of Ezekiel’s we see how the plan provides enough land for all . . . so that the princes of Israel will no longer oppress my people, says the Lord God, but will leave the land to the house of Israel according to their tribes.  In this vision of the New Jerusalem there is equal access to resources.  Can we imagine how that might look?

I am wondering how our weeks and years might change if we were to use honest weights and measures in our interactions with one another.  When we read about the Lord God’s opinion on this subject we can see that, of course, he is quite aware of the human tendency to hoard and store up . . . even at the expense of others.  Enough you princes of Israel!  Put away violence and oppression, and do what is right and just!  Stop evicting my people! Says the Lord God.  You shall have honest scales, an honest ephah and an honest liquid measure.  In this description of the New Jerusalem there is honesty.  Can we imagine how that might feel?

I am wondering how our future might change if we all agreed to remember God’s covenant and providence by celebrating memories of the good God has brought to our lives.  Thus says the Lord God: On the first day of the first month . . . you shall remember and celebrate the Passover . . . you shall make offerings to remember my goodness and patience.  When we worship God well we indicate that we understand our proper relationship with him and all of creation.  We demonstrate our appreciation for our place in God’s story; we express our desire to fulfill our role as God’s adopted children.  In this description of the New Temple there is reverence and balance.  Can we imagine how that might soften hearts and un-bend stiff necks?

Ezekiel tells us what the Lord God says as he describes the vibrant details of a life he wishes for all of us.  There is no mistaking the qualities of sacred living.  In this and in the following chapters we are told what to expect so that there will be no surprises.  When we live with God we live in a sacred space.  When we act in God we act with integrity.   When we worship God we give our problems and anxieties over to him, and we fully trust that the Lord God has the common good in mind.

A Booth or Sekkakh

The Feast of Booths is to be celebrated on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, making offerings and holocausts to the Lord God.  This feast of remembering asks us to keep in mind that . . .

In the immensity of God’s heart there is a home for each of us.  Let us take the time to provide a sacred tract within our own hearts for the Lord God to inhabit and make his own

In the infinity of God’s mind there is a plan for each of us.  Let us make ourselves as honest and constant as possible so that the Lord God will recognize us as his own. 

In the eternity of God’s love there is deliverance for each of us.  Let us make the offering of ourselves to the Lord God and prepare to recognize him as the redeemer of our souls. 

Let us prepare to live a life that is dedicated to the sacred. 

A re-post from January 10, 2012.

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