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2 Corinthians 10: A Prayer for Boasting in the Lord

Monday, May 13, 2019

Yesterday we spent time with the 10th Chapter of 2 Corinthians, today we pray as we reflect . . .

St. Paul shows us his determination to work and be and live in Christ.  I have always liked his phrasing which describes a manner of living in such a way that all we do and are is a reflection of the Christ in us.  I must remember this:  all that I do and all that I say creates the image of my relationship with God.

Whoever boasts should boast in the Lord.

Make us an instrument of your work, O God.

Through gentleness and clemency . . .

Remind us that our ways are not your ways.

For although we are in the flesh, we do not battle according to the flesh . . .

The world around us is such cacophony.

May I not seem as one who frightens you through letters.

Teach us your merciful justice.

We will not boast beyond measure but will keep to the limits God has apportioned us . . .

We want to bear ample fruit in your name according to our gifts.

Whoever boasts should boast in the Lord.

Remind us always that all begins and ends in you.


A re-post from April 28, 2012.

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