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Psalm 86:2: Fear and Fidelity

Saturday, June 29, 2019


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Remember this when you are afraid, and say it as often as you must until you feel peaceful.  It is Psalm 86, verse 2: Keep watch over my life for I am faithful, save your servant who puts trust in you. 

God says: Fidelity to my way of living (believing in me, hoping for things that others have given up on, interceding with me for the people who harm you) and trusting me in all you do (I know this is really hard because I struggled with this in Gethsemane garden one night) will bring you peace . . . because when you practice fidelity and trust in and to me, you form pathways of your own for receiving peace.  You will not have to depend on any other person or any outside force to obtain peace.  The next time something frightens you, you will automatically and naturally turn to me . . . and I will bring you a peace that cannot be shaken or taken away.   

Christ’s peace dwells within.  This is something we must remember . . . especially when we are afraid.

A re-post from June 15, 2012.

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