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Psalm 33:11: The Designs of God’s Heart

Friday, July 19, 2019

Psalm 33:11The Lord’s will stands fast forever, and the designs of his heart from age to age. 

God’s economy and mystery are difficult for the human mind to grasp . . . yet still they are what they are . . . an eternal, inscrutable plan.  We humans struggle . . . we reach for our potential . . . and find it only through Christ.  We make our own plans . . . only to see that God has a better design.  We plan for a day, a month, a year . . . God plans for eternity.  His design is here and now.  His design is always . . . for God plans from a heart that is good and whole and full.

God says: Just because you say you cannot see me does not mean that I am not with you.  Just because you believe you cannot hear me does mean that I do not speak.  Just because you feel alone does not mean that I do not carry you through the peril of your days.  I love you still, no matter what you have done or not done.  I love you always, no matter who you are or who you are not.  I love you enough to have created you, to watch over you, to save you, to free you.  For now and forever.

Wishing you the plans of God’s heart . . . for today and all days.

A re-post from July 5, 2012.

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