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Lamentations 3:25: Seeking God

Friday, August 16, 2019

Good is the Lord to one who waits for God, to the soul that seeks God.

If we might persevere long enough, if we might encourage one another often enough, if we might remain constant beyond the required time . . . then will our enemies shrink into darkness and our troubles slither away.

God says: I know how hard you work at remaining faithful to me.  I understand how difficult it is to hold out hope in the darkest of times.  I know that others will tug at you to pull you down and away from me.  None of this matters because my healing love for you endures forever.  You are a pearl of great price and I am willing to pay a great ransom to have you with me.  This is a truth you can rely on; it is a reality you can believe.  Seek me before all else.  I will wait for you for an eternity. 

God calls us to his side . . . so let us go.

God looks for us fervently . . . so let us seek.

God loves us forever . . . so let us love.


For more encouraging words that bring us comfort and hope, go to: http://www.comfortingwords.com/verse_of_the_week.htm

A re-post from July 26, 2012.

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