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Ezekiel 26: Prophecy Part II

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

True prophets withstand the test of time because they are true communication channels between us and God; but we do not have the luxury of time to test their words, to see if they speak truth or lies.  The HARPERCOLLINS BIBLE DICTIONARY tells us that prophets are considered to be moral and ethical innovators, bringing religion to a higher level of development.  Old Testament prophets are multifaceted and varied.  They are: keepers of tradition, isolated mystics, cultic officials, moral philosophers, raving ecstatics.  No one prophet acts or looks like another.  They are as diverse as humankind itself displaying a variety of traits yet their message is always the same: turn from self-interest to obey and worship the one true God.

Prophecy . . . a call to faith . . . a call to hope . . . a call to love.  This prediction never lies.  This story never divides.  Rather, it abides.  It remains open.  It reminds us that restoration will always follow a turning back to God.  It rebukes, it warns, it reminds, it stands firm.  And once the act of conversion begins, prophecy affirms and blesses, it takes in and includes, it blesses and accepts.

Prophecy . . . the word of God . . . from God . . . for God and for us.  What to believe?  How to act?  What to say?

I am reminded of the words of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5: In all circumstances give thanks . . . even when we are troubled, do not put out the Spirit’s fire . . . even when we doubt do not treat prophecies with contempt . . . And when we do not know what to believe, Paul tells us to test everything, when we flounder, hold on to what is good.  When we are given a choice, avoid evil.  For the outcome will be that we are sanctified by, through and in God.  We must remember that the one who calls you is faithful . . . he will sanctify you. 

If only we might take heed of the prophecy . . .

Achetemeier, Paul J. HARPERCOLLINS BIBLE DICTIONARY. 2nd edition. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1996. Print. 

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