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Colossians 1: Mystery

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Alpha and Omega

Christ is both creator and saver, Alpha and Omega, lion and lamb.  Christ brings hope and optimism to a world sadly needing it.  Christ is the full and perfect revelation of God’s self to us, his created.  Christ brings to his followers – no matter their circumstances – the wisdom of the creator.  Christ brings newness and perfection to the human race – he brings full maturity, a true knowing of self.  The Church – which we comprise – is not merely a large number of people who believe the same thing – who hold a story in common.  The Church is a spiritual reality – a mysterious community made dynamic with the sap that is Christ.  The Church becomes one with and in Christ.  Christ is the center of the universe.  Christ is universal.  Christ is mystery.  We are mystery.  (Thoughts from the introduction to “Carta a los Colosenses” from page 1787 of BIBLIA DE AMÉRICA.)

We do not complete Christ.  Christ completes us.  And this is the mystery to me . . . that despite our faults and our wanderings, Christ persists in his love for us.  He remains always open to possibility in us, to newness in us.  Christ hopes in and for us.  This always was, it is, it always will be.  In all the mystery of life . . . we can be certain of this one thing . . . Christ is.  And that alone is enough.  This, too, is mystery.

LA BIBLIA DE LA AMÉRICA. 8th. Madrid: La Casa de la Biblia, 1994. Print. I

mage from: http://cemeteries.wordpress.com/2006/09/08/alpha-and-omega/

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