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Job 9 and 10: Questions

Friday, November 22, 2019

We enter this part of Job’s story at the point where he has suffered greater losses than can be imagined – loss of family, health, possessions and friends.  Job is accused of hiding his sin . . . which he has obviously committed because in this culture suffering is seen as a payment from Yahweh for misdeeds – by Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar.  Job replies to their accusations in words that resonate with anyone who has suffered greatly and unjustly.  I like Job’s tenacity and his unrelenting will in both remaining faithful to and questioning of God.  If you have the time, spend some of it this afternoon with these chapters and you will uncover the nuggets left there for us to mine.

Verse 9:13: He is God and he does not relent . . .

Verse 10:2: I will say to God, do not put me in the wrong!  Let me know why you oppose me!

We can remain faithful to God and still question.  When we silence our need and desire to inquire, we begin the slippery slide into passive aggression.  If we do not allow our doubts and fears to percolate to the surface where we can deal with them honestly, we open ourselves to anxiety and self-recrimination.  We allow the darkness to take over.

Job questions his maker: Your hands have formed me and fashioned me; will you then turn and destroy me?  Oh remember that you fashioned me from clay!  Will you then bring me down to dust again?

When we read the closing verses of this book, we hear God’s reply.  He answers Job’s questions with questions of his own.  Were we present at creation?  Did we see the parting of the seas?  Did we establish the movement of the sun and stars?  No.  We are creatures . . . not the creator; yet we are a valuable and integral part of this great mystery we call Creation.  We demonstrate fidelity by trusting the goodness of this mystery.   Questions that lead to truth and honesty, light and openness are not acts of betrayal, they are acts of integrity.

We are dearly loved by God.  Jesus himself tells us to ask, seek and knock.  God awaits our questions . . . with questions of his own . . . questions which lead us to uncover hidden truths and mysteries.

And so we pray . . .

Good and patient God, we are happy that you do not relent, do not give up, do not yield.  It gladdens the soul to know that you pursue us as does an ardent lover.  It reassures us to know that you abide.  We attempt to return this deep and intense love, yet we stumble as we move toward you.  Reach out your hand, heal our wounded hearts, dry our tears, mend the brokenness of our lives.  Be ever present . . . for without you we are lost.  We remain your faithful and faltering servants.  Amen.

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