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1 Chronicles 24: Minutiae

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The High Priest Zadok

When we discover that we focus on the minutiae of life rather than its living, we know that we have stepped over a line.  When we begin to split hairs and argue the details, we know that we have gone a bit too far.  When we become fascinated by the rules and parameters rather than the Spirit, we must take a step back and evaluate.  Today we have an opportunity to reflect on the minutiae and the living of our lives.

“Historically, this organizational system [of priestly duties] was developed only after the return from Babylon and not in David’s day.  Two motivations led to its development.  The first is a practical matter: the increased number of priests required a rotation of priestly duties.  Second, this ordering of the priesthood may have been an attempt to resolve a squabble between the line of Abiathar, banned from the priesthood by Solomon (1 Kings 2:26), and the line of Zadok, represented by those priests returning from exile . . . [in which] both are linked with Aaron through his two sons”.  (Mays 323)

Giotto: Abiathar

In this example of revisionism we see the ancient struggle with minutiae which remains with us today.  We fuss about who sits where and who wears what and who knows whom rather than focus on overcoming our fears and living our life to our fullest potential.  We have seen this before; we understand the truth of these words.  Deep within we know that must put aside our fretting over details and forget about any hierarchy we construct to turn instead to God’s generous goodness and high goals.  Rather than lust after a name or position in society, rather than amass possessions to leave to our heirs, we must respond to God’s call.

Our true example is Jesus Christ, not the most popular person we know.  And our true goal is to love as God loves us, not to love for the sake of gaining something.  With all of this in mind, we remember those who squabble over petty gains, we remind ourselves that our vocation must be more than minutiae, and we ask for God’s blessing in all we do.

Mays, James L., ed.  HARPERCOLLINS BIBLE COMMENTARY. New York, New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1988. 323. Print.

First written on November 15, 2010, re-written and posted today as a Favorite.

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