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Monday, February 3, 2020

Psalm 37: Humility and Patience – Part II


Psalm 37:28

Continued from yesterday’s Noontime . . .

LAMEDH, we see the contrast between generosity and greed:  The wicked borrow but so not repay; the just are generous in giving.

MEM, we are told that failure is not to be feared: Those guided by the Lord may stumble, but they will never fall, for the Lord holds their hand.

NUN, we remember that we are an important part of God’s plan and that we are more than ourselves: The just always lend generously, and their children become a blessing. 

SAMEKH, we are asked to opt for the road less traveled: Turn from evil and do good.

AYIN, we are reminded of God’s gift to us of infinite serenity: The just will possess the land and live in it forever.

PE, we recall that wisdom and justice are inextricably intertwined: The mouths of the just utter wisdom.

SADHE, we know that schemes cannot replace good works: The wicked spy on the just and seek to kill them.  But the Lord does not leave the just in their power.

OOPH, we return to the message of humility and patience: Wait eagerly for the Lord, and keep to the way.

RESH, we remember the fleeting power of the wicked: I have seen ruthless scoundrels, strong as flourishing cedars.  When I passed by again, they were gone; though I searched, they could not be found.

SHIN, we are given direct examples that leave no doubt: Observe the honest, mark the upright’ those at peace with God have a future.

TAW, we remember that God alone is a refuge that lasts, a shelter that does not crumble: The salvation of the just is from the Lord, their refuge in time of distress.  The Lord helps and rescues them, rescues and saves them from the wicked, because in God they take refuge.

Humility: the opposite of arrogance, a lack of pretension, the state of deference to another . . . in this case, the spirit of reverence, esteem and respect for the Lord.

Patience: the bearing of trials calmly and without complaint, a lack of hastiness or impetuosity, the state of steadfastness despite opposition or obstacles . . . in this case, the spirit of persistence, loyalty and fidelity to the Lord.

Humility: If we put aside our competitive weapons that bruise those who journey with us we will find humility.

Patience: If we can manage to remember that God has a plan the fear and anxiety ebb away.

This past week we journeyed through the emotions that accompany betrayal.  Anger roils or fear takes over.  Deep disappointment or a sense of abandonment cripples us and brings us a sense of separation and loss.  All of this can be washed away if we practice humility and patience.  All our grief might transform our anguish when humility and patience become our way of being.  All our sorrow and all our pain vanish . . . when we delight in the Lord . . . when we wait on the Lord . . . when we stand humbly before our God.

Let us spend time today with Psalm 37.

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A re-post from February 3, 2013. 

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