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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Psalms 74 and 75: Power

FuturePower[1]Power.  This is a word we use a great deal and in various contexts.  We speak of political power, civil power, social power.  Queen Bees and Wannabes.  The powerful.  The powerless.  Speaking truth to power.  Power and destruction.  Power and might.  Power and glory.  Engine power.  Man power.  Girl power.  Lack of power.  Power and strength.  Power and weakness.  The dark powers.  The powers of truth and light.

These two psalms today ask us to think about power as we experience it used against us, power as we use it ourselves, and power as God uses it.  As a New Testament people we will also need to think of power as Jesus uses it.

We see Jesus sit with the powerless; he cures their sicknesses and brings them healing on many levels.  The Evangelists bring us a story that stands power on its head.  St. John writes about The Word as power.  St. Paul continually refers to the power he gains through his weakness; and that he learned this lesson through Christ.

We have clearly spelled out for us how we might act and think and pray in and for and about power.  When we pause to reflect, we know that any time we try to power our way through life, we usually do not fare well.  We may win an immediate victory, but the long-term gain turns into a loss.

We know that we cannot force people by our own power; yet we try to convince others of our own thinking.

We know that we cannot force situations; yet we continue to manipulate events to our own liking.

We know that we cannot control outcomes; yet we continue to tell stories that have our own endings.

The Psalmist sees destruction around himself and asks why, knowing all along that some of the scattered sheep are reaping the consequences of their own actions while others suffer innocently.

Look to your covenant . . .

The Psalmist also knows that hidden beneath the thanksgiving for deliverance is lurking a wanting to take revenge.  As New Testament people we must await God’s decisions while we witness, watch and wait.

Our actions must stem from the longing for mercy implanted in us.  Our discernment must flow from the love which created us.  Our patience must rise from the hope which carries us.  And all of this in Christ’s name.

Power, the powerful, the powerlessAs New Testament people we must watch well how we react to power and we use it.  We are both sheep and shepherd.  We witness, we watch, we wait.

Written on February 4, 2009 and posted today as a Favorite.

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