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Thursday, April 23, 2020

imagine9085[1]Job 15 and 16: Peace of Heart

Blessed are those who are poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of God . . . blessed are the pure of heart, they will see heaven. 

Discipleship asks much of us as we well know.  And discipleship brings much to us . . . as we also well know.  Any obstacles we encounter as we follow Christ become honing stones for us to use as we smooth our rough edges and heal our broken hearts.  We say that we seek serenity and if this is so, let God heal our brokenness and let us be open to God’s peace of heart.  Let us begin by seeking the Wisdom of God.

The first of the wisdom books is valuable because it shows us how to react when confronted with evil.  It teaches us how to suffer innocently and well.  It instructs us how to stand in God’s light and give thanks for God’s abiding Spirit.  And even though Job’s words were set down well before the arrival of the Messiah, it opens to us the universal hope Christ brings that each of is free.  It brings to us the healing balm of Christ’s hand. It describes for us the importance of enduring in and with Christ.  It is a simple plan to find a certain peace of heart . . . despite the insurmountable impediments that loom before us.

And so when we feel unsettled, discouraged, lacking in confidence, agitated or disgruntled . . .

When it seems that our friends and family do not understand, that we are alone and abandoned . . .

When peace has gone and gentleness disappears in fear and anxiety . . .

We turn to Job and see how he reacts when he is ill, alone, and wrongly accused by friends.

When turbulent days and long nights invade and unsettle the heart, we might reply to our own tempters as does Job: I have heard this sort of thing many times.  Wearisome comforters are you all! 

And then we might turn to the one who alone brings us tranquility of the spirit and heals our brokenness.  Let us take our troubles to the Lord, to ask that he grant us a certain peace of the heart.

Tomorrow, the trial of the just . . .

First written on September 4, 2009. Revised and posted today.  

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