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Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 10, 2020

2Thess3Proof[1]2 Thessalonians 3


We continue to remain in the Risen Christ as we shelter in place to meet the threat of a pandemic virus. Some may feel that we live in”end times.” Others believe that the stress caused by a world-wide virus calls us to work with one another, persisting through strife rather than crumbling beneath it.

In waiting for “the end times”, some early Christians decide to abandon their work and devote themselves to keeping up with gossip; they do not make their own living but live from the toil of others.  Paul speaks directly to those who place the burden of living on their community, and he is clear in his thinking.  He urges personal responsibility, faith in God, and imitating the steadfastness of Christ.  It is this unswerving following that prepares us for the life we are called to live . . . a life in Christ.

From today’s MAGNIFICAT Meditation by Fr. Henri-Dominique Lacordaire, the founder of the Order of Preachers in France after their revolution: All holy souls – all souls, that is to say, which are enlightened by truth and guided by charity, are in communion.  Even here below, without knowing it, they are linked to one another, they are members of a society of which God is the center, the life, the light, the beauty, and the bliss.  They help one another by their prayers and good works; they suffer for one another’s sake; they are like the stones of which a church is built, which are hidden from one another, yet support one another from the foundation to the roof . . . Our meetings on earth are by comparison mere vain and fruitless advances.

God creates us and wants us to know that we are God’s children, connected to one another and to God by the bond of Christ.  We are to love one another, especially our enemies, as best we can . . . but we are to love.

Christ walks among us to show us that we are important to him and to one another, even though we may not hear, see or feel this importance.   We are to do for one another as best we can . . . but we are to act.

St. Paul reminds the Thessalonians – and us – that we ought not take advantage of others in this bond that we share with one other.  We are to give as best we can, according to the blessings and gifts God bestows on us . . . but we are to give.

Fr. Lacordaire reminds us that there are invisible bonds that hold us together.  We are to remember these bonds and work with them rather than against them. We are to persist in our journey toward truth and light and even though we do not see the end of the journey, even though we do not care to be with some of our fellow travelers, we are to persist and remain steadfast . . . otherwise, our meetings on earth may be mere vain and fruitless advances.

Paul calls us to steadfastness and persistence in Christ.  Christ walks among us to reveal the Father’s promise and the Spirit’s abiding presence.  Through our diligence in following Christ, our fidelity to God’s vision, and our love in the Spirit, we hone our skill at being steadfast.  We increase our stamina and nurture our persistence.  All of these are gifts honestly earned and freely bestowed.  They are the blossoming fruit of discipleship.

Cameron, Peter John. “Meditation of the Day.” MAGNIFICAT. 2.11 (2010). Print.  

Image from: http://s449.photobucket.com/user/conniecriqui/media/2Thess3Proof.jpg.html

Adapted from the November 2, 2010 Noontime.

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