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Monday, August 3, 2020A conceptual look at confidence, poise, assurance, cool.Micah 5


Commentary tells us about Micah 5:4: “This passage, expressing confidence in Judah’s ability to deliver itself from Assyria, is in contrast with the preceding messianic oracle, which ascribes deliverance to the Lord and his agent.  Some believe that here the prophet is quoting the words of the defiant men of Judah.  The shepherds and men of royal rank are one and the same: warriors capable of routing Assyria”.  (Senior 1144)

If this is the case, we might take this opportunity to reflect today on the importance of doing God’s will rather than our own.  Easily said, possibly done . . . and done only when we give ourselves over in humility.

Last evening I again had a conversation with a friend about the simplicity of God’s plan: Step 1 – We acknowledge our complete dependence on God.  Step 2 – We establish regular communication times with God.  Step 3 – We listen.   Step 4 – We do what God asks of us.

We know the un-fussiness of this kind of relationship with God when we hear about it in the words of others who always have words of wisdom when cataclysm strikes.

We know the cleanness of this kind of relationship with God when we see it in the actions of others who roll easily into serenity when thrown against an obstacle.

We know the clarity of this kind of relationship with God when we begin to fold ourselves into God’s plan rather than our own.

We know the peace of this kind of relationship with God when we put aside all else to spend our regularly appointed time with God.

There are no short cuts.  There is no bravura.  There are no quick answers.  There is no magic bullet.  There are no secrets.  There is no club, no group, no party, no one who satisfies, protects and sustains as does our simple relationship with God.

Micah calls us to this today when he throws our words back at us: I can do anything.  I can tough this out.  I can go it alone.  I can gather my sympathetic friends.  I can get away with this.  I do not have time for prayer right now.  I will think about God later, just now I have my hands full.

Our hands are full because we do not take this fullness to God.  Our time is clipped and things are urgent because we believe that we must raise up an army of royal shepherds against the invasion of our plans.

When we believe that our confidence comes from ourselves and not from God, we can make a sure prediction – as does Micah regarding Judah.  All of our plans and all of our desires will be abolished as surely as the craven images and sacred poles we read about today.  When we come to the end of a road and there is no apparent way to go, it is time to take the confidence in self that we have so carefully nurtured, place it in God’s hands, listen, and then act as directed.

Senior, Donald, ed. THE CATHOLIC STUDY BIBLE. New York, Oxford University Press, 1990.1144. Print.   

Written on March 20, 2010 and posted today as a Favorite.

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