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Wednesday, September 1, 2020

The Lord by wisdom founded the earth . . .

The Lord by wisdom founded the earth . . .

Proverbs 3:19-35


The Lord by wisdom founded the earth, established the heavens by understanding; by God’s knowledge the depths break open, and the clouds drop down dew. My child, let not these counsels slip out of your sight: keep advice and counsel in view; so will they be life to your soul, and an adornment for your neck. Then you may securely go your way; your foot never stumble; when you lie down, you need not be afraid; when you rest, your sleep will be sweet. Honor is the possession of wise ones, but fools inherit shame.

We purchase and wear jewelry. We match the perfect tie with the shirt and suit. We drive automobiles that bespeak our status. We live in neighborhoods that reflect our values. What sort of wisdom adorns our necks? With what activity do we nurture our souls? Where do we store God’s counsel and advice? Nearby . . . or well out of view?

God says: The advice I lend to you ought not weigh you down; my counsel is meant to lift you from your troubles. My knowledge ought not burden you; my understanding is meant to open doors for you. My words ought not frighten or alienate you: My Word comes to rescue you and to make you secure. My Wisdom keeps your foot from stumbling along The Narrow Way. Friendship with me brings you honor. Shame does not touch those who remain faithful to me. Wear me in a place where you can touch me often. Carry me with you everywhere and at all times. Hold me close to you . . . for I hold you ever close to me.  Sleep well this night and all nights . . . for I am with you.

Enter the word fools in the blog search bar and ponder the value of adorning ourselves with God’s Wisdom.

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