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Tuesday, November 3, 2020



Let those who wait for you, O Lord of Hosts, not be shamed through me. Let those who seek you, God of Israel, not be disgraced through me.

We too often ignore guilt we ought to claim; and we too often take on guilt that is not ours. Sorting out what we need to tend to and what we need to ignore happens best when we ask God to attend to the sorting.

God says: Let us not worry about what others think of you. Have you done a little better today than yesterday? Have you moved a step closer to recognizing your true potential? Have you drawn a little closer to me in the last few hours? Nothing else really matters except your relationship with me for once you see who I am, and once who see that your best self lives through me, all your relationships flourish. Problems wilt in your radiant light.  Enemies are transformed by your openness and honesty. Deceit and denial withdraw into the shadows. Any remorse you suffer is easily addressed between the two of us. Any culpability you want to own can be forgiven. Any disgrace that my faithful ones suffer on my account can be worn as a badge of courage. Has the world not rejected me? Any shame you bear on my account is a sign of your integrity. Has the world not scorned me? 

When we see ourselves as small cogs in huge wheels we take on the world alone. When we see ourselves as spiritual beings united in Christ we become an essential fiber in the fabric of the powerful, eternal Body of Christ. This shame and this disgrace that too easily plague us suddenly melt into joy and peace when we live in Christ.

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