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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Abba[1]Psalm 69:35-37

Dwelling There

Let the heavens and earth sing praise, the seas and whatever moves in them! God will rescue Zion, rebuild the cities of Judah. God’s servants dwell in the land and possess it; it shall be the heritage of their descendants; those who love God’s name shall dwell there.

Each of us has a place, a person, a concept, or an idea that fills us with nostalgia to become our personal Zion. Each of us feels secure and safe in our private Judah. Each of us wants to feel firm ground beneath our feet; we want a horizon that promises good tomorrows; we want an interior quiet and a life of joy with friends and companions. These are the possessions we want to pass along to our children. We want to know where we stand and who stands with us. We want to know that our Zion and Judah will last forever. We want to know that we are dwelling there . . . with God . . . for all time. And we want our children to live securely in this place with us.

We purchase or rent homes and apartments. We hire architects and landscapers. We fashion dwelling places that suit our whims but these hand-made structures are not the dwelling places we will want to pass down to our children. These temporary houses do not last forever.

We are the faithful who long for Zion and Judah. We are the faithful who are the descendants of God’s loyal followers who have gone before us. We are the faithful who pass down our spiritual dwellings to our children. We are the faithful who long to live in God for an eternity. And so we pray.

Heavenly Creator, we know that we are made in your image. We hope to remain faithful to the divine potential you have planted in each of us.

Divine Brother, we are guided by you, our rescuer. We hope to listen keenly to the parables and stories you use as lesson plans for us.

Gracious Spirit, we are nurtured and comforted by you, our counselor. We hope to rest in God’s wisdom and grace as we prepare to dwell with you for an eternity.

Grant us this day your grace, your love, your joy.  Amen.

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