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Thursday, December 10, 2020

gods-favor-550x320[1]Luke 2:13-14

The Christ Event

Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom God’s favor rests.

Last week we reflected on Mary’s fidelity to God and how God found favor with this faithful daughter. Today we reflect on how God bestows favor on each if us . . . through the Christ Event.

NativityGod says: Do not fret about your imperfections.  Only come to me with all that you have and all that you are.  I know your flaws and your gifts. Bring them all to me and receive both my healing and blessing. I come into the world as a tiny infant, resting in the arms of a mother and father who follow me faithfully. Follow me as they do. Enjoy the peace I bring to you. And celebrate this great event of my coming . . . for my favor rests on each of you.

“The peace that results from the Christ event is for those whom God has favored with his grace. This reading is found in the oldest of Western and Alexandrian text traditions and is the preferred one; the Byzantine text tradition, on the other hand, reads: “on earth peace, good will toward men”. The peace of which Luke’s Gospel speaks . . . is more than the absence of war of the pax Augusta; it also includes the security and well-being characteristic of peace in the Old Testament”. (Senior 101)

Senior, Donald, ed. THE CATHOLIC STUDY BIBLE. New York, Oxford University Press, 1990.101. Print.

For scripture readings relating to God’s favor, go to: http://www.christchapeloflaguna.org/index.php/resources/gods-favor

Images from: http://wifiministries.org/gods-favor/ and http://archive.decaturdaily.com/decaturdaily/livingtoday/061130/nativity.shtml

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