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Saturday, February 13, 2021

untitledPsalm 119

God’s Love Letter – Part I

God inspires the psalmist to record on an ancient scroll the words we long to hear and these words continue to resonate with us today.  Let us reflect on the beauty, grace and peace of God’s message of love to each of us.

Aleph: The Paradox of God and Humans – God calls humans into creation and we are free to respond.  Beth: God’s Dwelling Place Below – Mary serves as the ark for God’s New Covenant as she brings Jesus into the world. Gimel: Reward and Punishment- Just as there is duality between these concepts there is a duality in how we might view God’ Law.  Daleth: Selflessness – God invites us to take part in creation by living out the Law in loving our enemies rather than in revenge and violence against them. He: Thought, Speech and Action – We begin to see how we might answer God’s call.

Waw: Connection – Even if we try to deny our connection with God it exists; even if we turn our back on God, God continues to dwell within. Zayin: Woman of Valor – God enters the human race in the person of Jesus, relying on Mary, a woman of valor.  Heth: The Life Value of Run and Return – We sometimes fail to recognize God in the marginalized who live at the edges of society and yet Jesus lives his entire life with the disenfranchised. Teth: Inversion, the Concealed Good – God’s plan is one of ideas and lives turned on their heads. Yodh: The Infinite Good – We are invited to share God’s infinite goodness.

Use the scripture link to choose a different version of Psalm 119 and read the opening strophes with different eyes. Reflect on the gift of God’s love. Treasure God’s presence in each moment of our existence. 

Tomorrow, Part II of God’s Letter to us.

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