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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Nature_heart_by_beyond__my__dreams[1]Psalm 119

A Love Letter – Part II

God comes to us through old words in new times to assure, to counsel and to transform. Let us reflect on the wisdom, blessing and consolation of God’s message of love to each of us.

Kaph: The Power to Actualize Potential – We are constantly called to fulfill the potential God plants in us at our inception.  Lamedh: Aspiration, Contemplation of the Heart – We contemplate the goodness of God’s own heart. Mem: Fountain of Wisdom – We rely on God’s wisdom as source and foundation of understanding, counsel and guidance. Nun: The Messiah – Jesus comes to serve as light in an unforgiving darkness and we are called to bring that same light to a world that waits and watches. Samekh: The Endless Cycle – Christ is beginning and end, Alpha and Omega, source and summit for all.  We are called by the Spirit to join in all of creation’s response to God’s call.

Ayin: God’s Providence – We are always in God’s hands. Pe: Communication, Revelation of God’s Word – God is constantly revealing the Word to us. Sadhe: Faith – God’s fidelity saves us. Qoph: Redemption of Fallen Sparks – God’s love redeems us. Resh: Clarity – God’s grace and mercy are present to us. Shin:  The Eternal Flame – God’s Law of Love is infinite and all-encompassing. Taw: The Seal of Creation – Through our creation God marks us forever with the mark of Love.

Let us be open to God’s invitation to include us in creation, and let us give thanks for a love that is so great that we are forgiven, so encompassing that all are included, and so generous enough that we are loved. Tomorrow, Part III of God’s Letter to us.

Image from: http://beyond–my–dreams.deviantart.com/art/Natural-heart-78274140

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