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Brisbane, Australia Ship Manifest

Thursday, June 17, 2021

1 Chronicles 5:11-22

Who Are We?

The establishment of the tribes of Israel in the Promised Land is described in this portion of 1 Chronicles. All of this sorting and sifting of names and places looks like a census report we might stumble upon as we research our own roots; or we may be reminded of a ship’s manifest in which we delight to see a grandparent’s name. What we read about today is Reuben, Gad and East Manasseh whose family trees are described; and in this section of the history we see the tribe of Gad struggling to establish a secure dwelling place. They do this with God’s help. For during the battle they called on God, and he heard them because they put their trust in him . . . Many had fallen in battle, for victory is from God; and they took over their dwelling place until the time of exile. In anticipation of later events, the Chronicler tells us that in the beginning the people of Gad led God-centered lives and so were successful. We know that later these warrior people join David in his fugitive life under King Saul and that they are eventually deported by the Babylonians. More information can be found at . . .   http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/112386/jewish/Gad-and-His-Tribe.htm

We watch the news coming to us from around the world and we pray that people will be able to put aside their tribal differences in order to affect change that will bring unity once they move beyond tyranny. We watch the national and local news to see legislatures and communities fall apart that at one time came together in distress. There is something in human nature that calls us to smallness once we are comfortable and to greatness when we are oppressed.

USA 1910 Census Document

USA 1910 Census Document

Who are we when we struggle to keep our heads above water? Who are we when our lives are going well? Who are we when we feel that God is in our corner? Who are we when life goes wrong?

Although we may not feel God’s presence, he is always with us. Although we may not hear God’s voice, he is always speaking. God remains constant, we are the unpredictable ones.

When we write the story of our lives we will want to keep in mind that God is always present in both big and little ways. Whether or not we feel that he is with us, God is here as our constant, faithful redeemer. When we feel that no one is looking . . . who are we?

Adapted from a reflection written on February 26, 2011.

Images from: http://www.archives.qld.gov.au/Researchers/Indexes/Immigration/Pages/BrisbaneRegisters1885.aspx and https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/7884/

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