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Psalm 15: Joy as a Guest

Friday, November 19, 2021

Psalm 15

Joy as Guests of God 

When we arrive at the door to God’s house, are we welcome guests?  Have we put on our wedding garment?  Have we prepared for this eternal party?  Are we blameless?  Do we slander or scorn?  Do we look on other with disdain? 

“The Psalmist presents a summary of moral conduct in the form of instruction to those who have access to God at his temple . . .  In praying this psalm, Christians keep in mind that by becoming man the Word has pitched his tent among us”.  (THE PSALMS: ST JOSEPH NEW CATHOLIC VERSION, 2004, page 48.)

If we cannot treat our friends and enemies alike with compassion and with authentic caring and love, are we welcome guests?  If we look down on our companion pilgrims with disdain and envy, are we welcome guests?  If we stand mute rather than witness to injustice, are we welcome guests?  If we make excuses for the places where we are deficient, are we welcome guests?  If we enable bad behavior rather than empower that which is good, are we welcome guests?

Do we take joy in becoming welcome guests of God?  If not, we might turn now to begin our journey anew.

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