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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Zechariah 3

Joy and Clean Garments 

This prophecy, along with Haggai’s, was written as an exhortation to those who had returned from exile who were rebuilding the city and temple of Jerusalem.  We might turn to these books when it is a time of renewal and we are still exhausted from the journey back home. Chapter 3 describes the high priest, Joshua, changing his mourning garments for festive ones.  So too, might we exchange tears for joy when we find we have returned to God after exile.

We hear the angel’s assurance: If you walk in my ways and heed my charge, you shall judge my house and keep my courts, and I will give you access among these standing here.

These prophetic visions are full of symbolism and reading the notes or a good commentary helps us to understand the message God conveys through Zechariah. But putting symbolism aside, we can reflect on the importance of recognizing the end of exile, the importance of the presence of the bridegroom, the importance of acknowledging graces received. So often, when sorrow endures, we forget to look up.  After weeks or months or years of watching our feet as we slog through difficult days, we forget that there is a heaven, that blessings are bestowed on us daily.

Zechariah describes the changing of vestments as a symbol of passage. We may want to think about our own clothing. What does our outward appearance say about our inner self? Do we change our robes gladly or do we wait in the shadows for a future which has already come? And do we step into our clean garments with sorrow or with joy? 

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