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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Jeremiah 29:10-15

Joy and God’s Promise to Bring Us Out of Exile

There is a permanent bookmark in my own Bible at this page. Not only is Jeremiah one of my favorite books, this chapter is one of my favorites. It speaks of God’s plan and promise for our future – plans for our happiness, not for our woe. God has written these plans on our hearts – not on stone as with Moses and the stone tablets on Mt. Sinai. As we listen for and to God’s voice, we will hear the words written on our hearts at the moment of our creation.

God has always had plans for our happiness ever since the moment of the creation of the world. This idea might bring us comfort – especially at times when we question the purpose of our lives, at times when our lives do not make sense or seem pointless. It is heartening and consoling to realize that although life may seem futile, it is absolutely important and integral to God’s greater plan. These verses remind us of our true significance, and they remind us that the life of each person has value even when we cannot perceive it. They remind us that God always keeps the promises made in the quiet of our hearts and in the thunder of our lives. When circumstances are overwhelming, cataclysmic, or catastrophic, let us ask for patience, perseverance, and temperance. And let us pray that we remain in the promise of God’s joy. 

Adapted from a reflection written on February 24, 2007.

Image from: https://ahearttoknow.com/gods-rainbow-promise-bible-study-for-kids/

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