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1622_advent_joy_pt3_fullMonday, November 29, 2021

Joy and the Psalms


The Book of Psalms calls us to praise God and these hymns created millennia ago still resonate with us as we ask for God’s help and intercession, bless and honor God’s name, mourn our losses and rejoice in our understanding of God’s goodness. In order to better understand these beautiful songs in this second Book of  Wisdom Books during this first week of Advent, or we can focus on the power of the psalms as we connect with God as sisters and brothers in Christ, as we seek a healing pathway on which we carry our lament to the Spirit, as we come together to praise and honor the creator God, and as we experience the surprise of God’s joy that protects and defends, rescues and saves.

The following verses have been modified to give us mantras that we might hold on to as we move through our days and nights. If you are able, carve out a bit of Advent time this afternoon or evening to reflect on one or two of these verses and ponder what their meaning might be for us in your particular circumstances. Click on the scripture links and explore other versions of these verses. Share an idea about the surprise of joy in the dark places and times in our lives with a loved one, a neighbor or friend. And allow the surprise of joy to brighten each day as we move forward in the season of hope-filled waiting for the arrival of the Christ.

joyPsalm 28 verse 7: The Lord protects and defends me; I trust in God who gives me help and makes me glad; I praise God with joyful songs. Do we think of sharing God’s joy with others?

Psalm 30 verse 11: You have changed my sadness into a joyful dance, O God; you have taken away my sorrow and surrounded me with joy. Do we call on God’s joy when we are alone or suffering?

Psalm 35 verse 27: May those who want to see me acquitted shout for joy and say again and again, “How great is the Lord! God is pleased with the success of his servant.”  Do we acknowledge God’s role in the joy that comes to us?

Psalm 40 verse 16: May all who come to you be glad and joyful, O God. May all who are thankful for your salvation always say, “How great is the Lord!” Do we accept God’s presence in our lives and do we share the joy of this presence with others?

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