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Ezekiel 3:17-27

The Prophet as Watchman: Climbing the Stumbling Block

When we opt to walk away from God’s call what is it that we choose? Is it merely the work before us that we ignore or is it also our own development? When we are silent and succumb to “group think” rather than speaking up what is it we gain? Acceptance into a group? What is it that we lose? The opportunity to grow in Christ. And when we choose to “go along with the crowd” rather than join Christ, we opt for fleeting, numbing pleasure and forfeit eternal, ecstatic joy. This is Ezekiel’s message.

We build walls to protect ourselves . . . but these walls can keep out that which helps us to grow. They hide us from Christ himself.

We shut gates and pull up bridges . . . but these defenses can keep us from that which makes us holy. They distort our vision and deceive the soul.

We go within to avoid discomfort . . . but these awkward moments can keep us close to God.  They urge us to answer God’s call.

We are all prophets, calling to self and to one another.  As we journey we see and recognize signposts that direct us toward the true Kingdom, where stumbling blocks are seen as graces, where problems are seen as blessings, where Christ’s followers are willing to be stoned, knowing that they will not die.  If we are to live now in the true Kingdom, we must welcome our stumbling blocks and rely on God who will send us the gift of understanding these troubles.  We must be willing to be stoned by words if not by actually deeds. Just as the early apostles sacrificed self for unity through Christ, we also have the opportunity to join in the miracle of resurrection and new life.

Tomorrow, receiving grace through the stumbling block.

Adapted from a reflection written on January 19, 2008.

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