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Job 24: Assurances

Job 24: Assurances

Vladimir Borovikovsky: Job and his Friends

Vladimir Borovikovsky: Job and his Friends

March 9, 2022

We look for assurance in our families and friends, in the social networks we form, in the  constant checking of posts and messages.

We seek assurance in our homes and possessions, in the many small and large objects that falsely tell us all is well, in the thousand little chores that allow us to feel safe.

We pursue assurance with our accomplishments and awards, with our private and public lives, with our wealth of titles and medals. Today Job gives us a microscope through which to examine who and what and how we seek assurance in our lives.

In this second week of Lent we pause to consider what accomplishments we relish and why. We explore what changes we have made in our lives and how. We determine what assurances we seek and from whom. Let us also pause in the flurry of our day to read Job 24 and look for ourselves in this litany of those who find false and certain assurances.

For beautiful images connecting art and faith, click on the image above or visit: https://01varvara.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/vladimir-borovikovsky-job-and-his-friends-1810s/vladimir-borovikovsky-job-and-his-friends-1810s/ 

This week, words of wisdom. 

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